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Getty Museum
Network Affiliate Broadcast Studio
Theme Park Administration Building
Fox Post Production Facility
Film Studio Office
Riverside Building

Getty Museum (Malibu, CA)

Remodel and addition to the original Getty Museum totaling approximately 250,000 square feet in museum, labs and offices plus an amphitheater, peristyle, parking garage. Work scope include site electrical utilities and infrastructure. Construction scheduled to start August 1999.

Design Architect: Machado Silvetti
Executive Architect:

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Network Affiliate Broadcast Studio (Glendale, CA)

A 150,000 square foot broadcast television station and studio. Ground breaking occurred in December with a scheduled completion date of March 2000.

Design Architect: Cesar Pelli
Executive Architect: HLW

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Theme Park Administration (Anaheim, CA)

New 4 story office building totaling 350,000 square feet for administrative office of an Anaheim theme park. Construction was completed in 1995.

Design Architect: Frank O. Gehry
Architect: Langdon Wilson

Theme Park Administration Building

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Fox Post Production Facility (Beverly Hills, CA)

Renovation of two stages into a state of the art digital post production complex. The facility includes was originally constructed in 1928 and is classified as historic. The facility includes three feature dubbing stages, 14 editing rooms and three transfer bays. Construction was completed in 1999.

Architect: Gensler

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Film Studio Office (Burbank, CA)

New 6 story mid-rise office building totaling 275,000 square feet for the studio's TV and animation group. Construction was completed in mid 1997.

Design Architect: Venturi-Scott-Brown
Executive Architect: HKS

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Riverside Building (Burbank, CA)

New 10 story high rise office building totaling 390,000 square feet. Construction initiated July 1998 with completion scheduled for summer of 2000.

Design Architect: Aldo Rossi
Executive Architect: HKS

Riverside Building

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